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Hymen Planting

What is Hymen Stitching?

Hymen repair is the cosmetic repair, restoration or construction of a woman's hymen. Restoration of the hymen is also called revirginization.

What is the Hymen?

We would like to share with you some useful information about hymen planting and hymen.

The hymen consists of human tissue resembling an oval rubber washer that partially or completely covers the vaginal opening. This ring-shaped membrane can be thin and flexible or thick and rigid. It usually begins around the fourth month of pregnancy, starting to form while the female is still in the womb.

Contrary to what many believe, the hymen is NOT an impenetrable wall, except in rare circumstances. If this were the case, there would be no way out for menstrual flow or healthy, normal vaginal discharge to leave the body.

Historical romance writers describe the heroine in their corseted books as having a hymen that causes her to startle or cry in pain as she suffers the first sexual encounter. They attribute their lost virginity to white bloody sheets or streams of blood. But in reality, the first tear doesn't always bleed either, and it's not always painful.

The hymen serves no real purpose. Yet throughout history this ordinary piece of leather has traditionally and very wrongly been portrayed as proof of a woman's purity and innocence. Even to this day, in many cultures, an intact hymen still indicates virginity, especially if there was blood at the time of the first penile insertion.

However, clinically speaking, a torn or damaged hymen does not mean loss of sexual virginity. Depending on its rigidity, the rupture of the hymen can be caused by strenuous athletics, normal daily activities such as horseback riding or cycling, a simple gynecological examination, or masturbation. Even placing a tampon in the vagina can tear it.

In some cases, about 1 in 1000 women are born without a hymen.

What are the Causes of Hymen Suturing?

Hymen suturing is a cosmetic correction for women who want to repair or reconstruct the hymen. The reasons for seeking this procedure are varied and can be physical or psychological.

In the case of sexual assault, a woman is understandably left with traumatic psychological problems. She may feel that she has taken away not only her innocence, but also the opportunity to present the virgin gift of an intact hymen to her chosen one. Hymen aesthetics can not only offer the desired physical restoration, but also provide psychological comfort and recovery.

Sexual curiosity and experimentation is a natural part of the growth process, especially during puberty when hormonal changes and fluctuations occur. Peer pressure can often force a young girl to submit to sexual activity. As he matures, he may regret feeling this curiosity too soon or too often, and in retrospect he may want to bury evidence of what he saw as random or bad judgment. Revirginization can psychologically turn the clock back and allow it to start over.

Cultural beliefs: Since the presence of a solid hymen is still important in many cultures, a woman may want to provide this indication of purity to her partner for their upcoming wedding.

A gift: Many women who are already sexually active may want to give their partner a virgin experience, whether it's for a surprise, a special occasion or wedding night.

Accidental tear or tear: Some women choose to have the hymen sutured for cases where the hymen is unintentionally damaged by cycling, horseback riding, slipping on ice, or wearing a tampon.

Increased sexual pleasure: After childbirth, the vaginal muscles may weaken. Flaccidity also occurs over time with age. Hymen suturing also tightens these muscles, providing the added benefit of a more emotionally stimulating sexual experience.

Imperforate hymen: This is a condition in which the entire vaginal opening is covered by the hymen. It often goes unnoticed until a young girl enters puberty and her menstrual flow is blocked. The hymenoplastic procedure to correct this is called hymen surgery and a small hole is made in the hymen to allow blood flow.

Split hymen: The hymen tissue is divided into segments that look like string-like bands. They are similar to tonsils that are connected at both ends and can prevent the use of tampons or penile entry. This is also corrected with hymen surgery. A split hymen is described as having bulletproof protection in the aforementioned romantic sciences. But this is only because the hymen is too thick or hard.

Microperforate hymen: This is similar to an unperforated hymen and is corrected in the same way. A microperforated hymen has an opening small enough to allow only menstrual flow. a female tampon usually does not pose a problem or require magnification unless you want to use it.

What Happens During Hymen Planting?

Hymen suturing is a simple outpatient procedure that can usually be performed under local anesthesia in our clinic. Any torn skin around the hymen is gently and neatly excised, then the remaining tissue is stitched together, leaving a small opening. This returns the hymen ring to its normal size and shape.

If there is not enough skin or a hymen to restore the hymen, the surgeon can create one using a portion of the body's own thin vaginal skin (vaginal mucosa) or a synthetic tissue. A small blood supply can be added, either artificially or from a piece of the patient's vaginal flap, so that it appears as if conventional bleeding occurs at subsequent intercourse.

What is the Recovery Time?

The surgery can be expected to take between one and two hours, depending on the amount of repair required. Although this is a clinical procedure that does not require a hospital stay and women can return to work the next day, strenuous activities and heavy lifting should be avoided. There may be some light bleeding during the first 48 to 72 hours, but this is completely normal.

Full recovery takes about six weeks. There will be no visible signs of surgery and it will be impossible to tell the difference between a natural hymen and a reconstructed hymen. At this time, the restructuring process will be complete and you may experience feelings as if you are a virgin, having sex for the first time.


There are rarely complications. However, a doctor should be consulted if the patient experiences any of the following symptoms:


Pain beyond moderate discomfort after three days

unusual or foul-smelling discharge

intense itching

abnormal bleeding

Why Should You Choose Gynecologist Doctor Mustafa Torgaç for Hymen Suturing?

Our doctor has been working as a gynecologist for more than 20 years. He has received many specialization certificates in gynecological and surgical intervention at home and abroad. You can access our certificates by clicking our certificates in the corporate section.

Depending on why you might want hymen surgery, this can be a sensitive topic of discussion. You can rest assured that our doctors know the many reasons why patients request this procedure and fully understand your discomfort and shyness about it. This is your body. We want to help you be as comfortable and confident as possible about it.

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